Why not try….?????

”We need to get 75 points”, one of my friend said. ” it’s getting hard,” the another whisper. You might be wondering what I am talking about if you are not familiar with these words. But, this is general for the international student like me here in Australia. Not everybody, but almost most of the […]

Sydney Train life

One thing I hate most about Sydney Train is ” Why the heck it is so expensive?” I hardly find it worth because most of the time, it was always delayed. And sometime it even cancelled the moving train on its way. Last Sunday, I was on my way to work and suddenly the Train […]

A step towards Personal development

Wow…….. Amazing, awesome, mind blowing………….. I should have done this before………………. Anyway, I have done it and it really made me feel better than before. I could not believe that there would be such a huge participation. Thank you for everyone who has been the part of this work. Your valuable suggestions and comments will […]