I wondered when is the right time???

When is the right time to fall in love? When is the right time to get married? How about starting a business by own? When’s the proper time for that? Since from the last couple of month, I have been trying to figure out when is the right time and what is the right time […]

The same routine

”Wish Life has been as expected. But the truth is that it never happens and this is what I really loved about.” I can’t believe Dashain is Next Saturday. Did I really spend around three months in Australia? How is that possible? But I feel like I just came here yesterday. I can’t figure out […]

The beginning of Struggle in Australia

TownHall, Australia’s one of the busiest place where it actually feels like I am really in Australia. I was sitting near by the tree where people come and have some rest. Actually, I was one hour earlier to work. So, I thought it is best to take some rest before going for work. A beautiful […]

Destination Australia

It has been two weeks in Australia and I am still searching for Job. Got calls and interviews from some but results are still pending. I am sure everything will be fine and good in the coming days. 6 months ago…… I have always desired to go abroad as I spent more than 25 years […]