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I found a Wallet on Sydney Train….

Yesterday, there was someone looking for me in my workplace. I wondered who it was. As soon as I saw, it was him………

Last week, I was returning back to my room on Sydney Train. I was about to sit on the middle of the upper compartment where I usually but today it was different scenario. There was a wallet on it and there was no one on that compartment. 

I was in Dilemma. Couple of thoughts rose on my mind.

Should I take the wallet with me? 

Why should I care?

What about giving it back to the respective person?

What if I will be suspected for the wrong doing?

What about being ethical? 

What if it was your wallet?


Well, those questions were hard to tackle at that moment but I said to myself that I need to return this wallet to the respective person. 

I picked up the wallet, put it in a side and wait for a moment to cool down myself.

After a minute, I just checked the wallet to figure out if there could be any contact address so that I could return it to its owner.

There was couple of bank cards, small notes, some cash, opal card, photo ID but none of them have any contact number. Well, I did found his living address. So, I was thinking about posting the wallet to that address.

In the next station, an old man came and started searching here and there. I watched him for some minutes and I felt like he was searching for that wallet.

Are you looking for your wallet? – I asked him.

‘Oh….. Thank you very much. I was so worried that I thought I almost lost it.”, he replied.

Further, he kept on saying,” I have so many important stuffs over here which would take me long time to recover hadn’t I not found it.”

Thank you for your Honesty. Now, my faith on human being has been raised.”

No worries.” I replied.

Could you please provide me your address so that I could send you some thank you as an appreciation.” – he

Thank you very much for that but I am OK. Just make sure that everything is fine with your wallet.” – I

As he insisted, I just gave him the address of my work place and he went away.


Thank you card from him.

He just gave me a warm hug. It felt like I have done so much for him. He took out a thank you card, wrote my name on it and gave me with deep sense of fulfillment.

And it made my day……….

One of the best day of my life.

But I have faith…….

”How old are you?”- my manager asked me.

”27” – I replied.

”OMG, you are too old. You are finished.” – he said.

Why? – I queried.


Then, he started explaining…..

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Freedom from FEAR

Do the things you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain.

Fear is a thought in your mind – a negative thought. It means that you are afraid of your negative thought. If you want freedom from fear than there is only one way to get rid of it – Faith. Have faith in yourself. Supplement your mind with constructive thoughts.

Fear is people’s greatest enemy. Fear has killed millions of dream.


tiny buudha

image via Tiny Buddha


Most of our fear has no reality. We are headed of false thought in our mind. The things we feared did not exist.

Remember that we were born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of noise. All other fears were acquired.

Generally, there are two types of Fear. They are Normal Fear and Abnormal fear. Normal fear is good while abnormal fears are destructive. So, always get rid of abnormal fear. For example: If someone points out a gun in your forehead, then you have fear of death and this is normal fear. But if you are starting a new business and you have fear of loss then that is abnormal fear.

Abnormal fear is caused by the particular experiences. They are passed along to you by your parents, relatives or friends. The world is full of people who are afraid that something terrible will happen to their children.

Remember that if you have fear of failure then, immediately give attention to success.

Nothing can disturb you but your own thoughts. The power is within you when you focused on the good side.

Learn to laugh at your fear.

Don’t become the victim of false beliefs. 

Success Mantras by Nepal’s first Billionaire, BINOD CHAUDHARY

Finally, Nepal has got its first Billionaire and he is non-other than Mr. Binod Chaudhary. Well, there is hardly someone who have never tasted Wai Wai noodles.

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