One Dollar for Education

There was a housemaid who used to live in the small town. She just gave a birth to her second child. One day, she realized something different than usual. She saw her neighbor son returned home who just finished his higher education from the capital city – Kathmandu.Within a month, he started working in a […]

Why Trump and Kiyosaki want us to be rich?

”How to become successful?” ”How to be rich?” ”How to start a business?” ”How to become an entrepreneur?”   ”Why Bill gates, Steve jobs, Warren buffets are successful?” I was just googling it. After analyzing and research, I found one thing common – Never Give up. Think crazy and keep moving.  Another important lesson is […]

Lost the way

” What is your aim?” Our tutor was asking each of my friends while we were in class 9. So, my friends expressed what they wanted to be in future. ”Doctor” – Bishal. ”Bike Racer” – Shreeram. ”Artist” – Sandeep. ”Doctor” – Umyes ”Electrical Engineer” – Menaka ”Businessman” – Sanjeev and it was my turn. […]