CQUniversity Leadership Conference 2018 – My reflection ( Part 1)

It was July 6, the day I submitted my Expression of Interest for the CQUniversity Leadership Conference 2018 that was going to be held in Oct 30th – Nov 1st in Gladstone. I was really excited because I feel like –

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Blog 5 – Launching

Well, we went through lots of changes in the last hour. As I mentioned already in the testing blog that when we fall in love with our idea without considering the other side, then later we will realise that it doesn’t work. I mean – its not practical.

Same was the case with our previous idea. So, we had to change the main concept over the night. But we really did came up with other idea and back to the track. We made a business plan, we calculated the budget and finally we had the final power point presentation ready.

Well,  it was the zoom presentation. Roger and I were in the Gladstone and Bikesh was in Sydney. We gave our business pitch through zoom.

Our Business pitch, presentation, research, budget calculation was well appreciated by the Judge members but it was not well enough to be selected for the competition.

However, I was not so disappointed.

It was really a great experience over the past few months.

Doing research, having conversation with mentor, connecting with other professionals, continuous brainstorming, team work, presenting, testing ideas, getting feedback, learning from the mistakes………

Wow….. !!!!

it was really learning experience for me. Moreover, my confidence is built up. My ability to learn from mistakes has increased. No matter whether the result is success or failure, I have a confidence to give a try.

There is still long way to go………..

Blog 4 – Testing

Sometime you fall in love with your idea so hard that you will missed out the other side.

I was so convinced and excited to share my ideas that I believed it will definitely work. After hearing the two different ideas in our zoom session, I feel like my idea is the best one than their until I shared it. There were so many flaws in my idea that later I realized my research was not enough and I need to pitch my idea in the deeper level.

Testing phase is one of the learning phase where we share our ideas and try to prove how it is viable and sustainable in the long run. We try to answers each and every questions we receive from other and prove that this idea will work. The best part is to accept flaws and try to learn from it.

An idea doesn’t have to be great or perfect. In fact, it needs to be tested, reviewed and re analyzed to make it better than before.

That’s what we are doing now.

Reviewing, testing, analyzing and modifying.

Zambrero – A mexican with mission

One of the best part of being Human is that we have a feeling – a feeling of love, care, affection and sorrow. What ever the nationality you have, which ever religion you follow, that doesn’t matter and what matter is it really hurts when you suffer.

Ever since I landed Australia, I was always looking forward to be the part of any social organisation through volunteering and finally, today, I got that opportunity.

Zambrero – a plate 4 plate movement

How many of you had lunch today?

How many of you will have dinner tonight?

The event started with this two questions and almost, everyone raise their hands.

Even I…….

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Trip to Botany Bay National Park

”Light rain and shower” – the google weather predicted.

Since last month, I was planning to visit Kamay Botany Bay National Park and today was the day I was waiting for. The weather could be the problem. So, I was a little worried. But the problem started with Sydney Train – Delayed as always. It took almost two hour to reach Cronulla station. We have to wait one more hour for the bus that goes to Botany Bay National Park. So, we decided to visit the Cronulla beach at that time.

As we got into the bus, the rain started and I thought we might cancel the visit but we went with the flow. As we reached the national park, a heavy rain started and we went under the tree for about half an hour. We even thought of getting back due to the heavy rain but we waited till the rain stopped and our patience pays off.

The rain stopped and weather was so perfect that we actually felt like our decision to stay was paid off. The trip to Botany Bay National park was really pleasant, quite, that made me feel like I am in the adventurous trip since we have to walk through the dense forest walk track. Sometime I even felt like what we would do if a big tiger appear in front of us. But Thank god it was just a thought and we actually enjoy the walking track.