Life is all about Learning and making it better………..

Ever since I realized this fact, I feel like my life has become much easier.

Before that, it was much harder especially to fight against own thoughts and feeling that usually stress my life. I was not getting things done. I was not happy with the circumstances around me. I was afraid with failures. I was just complaining upon others. It was a complete mesh.

”Life is a surprise package because you never know what is next. The best things we can do is to learn everyday and make it better.”

This blog is all about sharing my experiences, my failures, my joys, my happiness, sadness, awesome moments, pains, sorrow, learning, outcomes and many more…….

I believe not just in learning but actually sharing with others.



talk less but listen more

and shy – little bit.

Currently, I am studying Master of Management in CQUniversity, Sydney.

Life in Sydney have been really fruitful to me since I feel like I am learning something worth in my life. I realized that it’s not about getting better life but its’ about making every day better.