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Life is going on in Australia

“Please uncle, Please dad, send me some amount. I need to pay for college fee within next week. I have been working hard here but could save only around 3000 dollars in this three month. So, please send me some amount even by education loan. I will pay the interest every month. It’s really hard for me. I have to go college five days. So, I am working at night. Please, understand my situation…………”

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Inside Nepal- a traveling photography

Before three years, there were only limited places where I had been to. But now, after three years, I have visited most of the parts of my country. I am lucky to visit so many places. I got a chance to know the life of our people living in the different parts of my country and know their cultures. A travel through a bus from Far western (Dhangadhi) to Eastern region (Biratnagar) is the longest travel of my life till now. I just checked on google map and it showed a total of 916KM length from Dhangadhi to Biratnagar. It took me nearly 24 hours. OMG!!!

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Nuwakot – The 30th district

Nuwakot became the 30th district in my list. Yes, when I counted the number of districts I have visited, it reached to 30th today after I got a chance to see the Nuwakot Durbar. Here are some of the glimpse of my visit.

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500 km through scooter

Scooters are for short distance that what I used to think.

I was wrong.

Listen here, we traveled more than 500 km by that little scooter.

” Adventurous, exciting, beautiful, natural and togetherness.”

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