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Two important lesson from that 6 hours of walk

Back in 2016, when I was a site engineer in GTL Nepal, Dhangadhi, I usually visit newly built site for inspection. Since I was working in telecommunication industry, the interesting part was that I got a chance to travel to different places. That’s when I traveled to all nine district of Far Western Development. The non interesting part was that the telecom sites were built in the top hill side where it took me more than hours of long to reach the site.

I can still remember the day when I was heading to one of the newly built site in Darchula. The first day I could only reach to the base of the hill where the site was built. Since it was already evening when I reached there, I could not see the site properly but the driver dai who was with me showed the AV lamp light of the tower.

It’s far – I whispered.

The Next day, when I saw the site location, I was shocked. It was really too far at the top of the hill. I thought it would take me whole day to reach the site. I finished my breakfast and prepared for my journey.

After every step I took, I used to look up ward towards the site to make me feel good and try to know how much distance more do I had to walk, but unfortunately it seem too far. Even after one hour walk, when I felt that I might have walked too far but when I looked upward, the site location was still too far. That really made me frustrated as my legs was hurting so much. Sometime I even felt like giving up and returning back.

But something amazing thought came in my mind.

Inside my brain, I was thinking like – Hey Niraj, from next time, don’t look upward. Just keep walking and look backward.

I gave a try.

After walking continuously for one hour, I took rest and this time, I didn’t look upward, instead I looked downward and something amazing feeling came in mind. I felt like I walked very far away because the place where started my journey was too far from there. I even thank my leg for supporting me in every step of this journey.

From this journey, I learnt a valuable lesson in my life.

Life is not about looking into the future and getting worried about it. Instead, it’s about looking back, learning from the experiences and being thankful for whatever we have and wherever we are.

After six hours of walk, finally I reached the construction site at the top of the hill. It was one of the victorious moment in my life like climbing a Mount Everest. But one thing shocked me.

When I was on the base location, I thought the site location was the highest point of the hill and I could see all other places from there. But as I reached there, I saw other hills are higher than it.

It was also one of the learning moment of my life because every time we think that we will be happy if we get that position or get job in the big company and as soon as we reach there, we will feel that it is nothing and then we start to expect more than that. Instead of enjoying what we have, we become sad by looking at the things that we dons’t have.

Same was the my situation. Instead of enjoying the moment at the top of the hill, I was looking at other hill and wondering if I could be there.

Trip to Botany Bay National Park

”Light rain and shower” – the google weather predicted.

Since last month, I was planning to visit Kamay Botany Bay National Park and today was the day I was waiting for. The weather could be the problem. So, I was a little worried. But the problem started with Sydney Train – Delayed as always. It took almost two hour to reach Cronulla station. We have to wait one more hour for the bus that goes to Botany Bay National Park. So, we decided to visit the Cronulla beach at that time.

As we got into the bus, the rain started and I thought we might cancel the visit but we went with the flow. As we reached the national park, a heavy rain started and we went under the tree for about half an hour. We even thought of getting back due to the heavy rain but we waited till the rain stopped and our patience pays off.

The rain stopped and weather was so perfect that we actually felt like our decision to stay was paid off. The trip to Botany Bay National park was really pleasant, quite, that made me feel like I am in the adventurous trip since we have to walk through the dense forest walk track. Sometime I even felt like what we would do if a big tiger appear in front of us. But Thank god it was just a thought and we actually enjoy the walking track.



Palm Beach

This weekend I got chance to visit Palm Beach which was in my bucket list. More than an hour drive on car, swimming on the beach and fifteen minutes walk to lighthouse made my day. Here are the some glimpse of the day.


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An hour in Auburn Botanical Garden

It was not in our plan for this weekend but a quick decision made us to visit Auburn Botanical Garden before we give a start to our plan of the day. Well, we should be shame that we have been here for more than five months in Australia but we haven’t seen any Kangaroo. We were more excited to visit this Botanical Garden after we found out that it has kangaroos………………….. Yahooooooooo

Here are some Glimpse of it.



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Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk

Walking on the coastal line is one of the best thing to do in Australia. In Sydney, there is nothing better than spending time on the coastal. Bondi to Coogee coastal walk has been my most finest moment ever since I came to Sydney. The two hours long on the coastal walk has made my day off, awesome.

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