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When our friend – ship moved to next level.

” My brother and he is the best friend”

Sandhya was explaining to her (going to be) sister in law name, Anamika about our friendship.

This was not the first time Sandhya, talking about our friendship.

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Over thinking

I was on the way back to my room from 12 hours of work. It usually takes around 45 minutes on train.

As usual, I was on the top carriage of the Train alone checking my Instagram profile to know how many likes do my latest post received. Ever since I have been so passionate about photography, uploading new pictures on my Instagram profile has been routine.

On Sydney train, one can travel in between the carriages whenever you like. As the same, a beautiful girl just entered in my carriage. I thought she will pass by and didn’t care so much. But the interestingly, she came near by me. Now, I became a little bit active since a beautiful girl was nearby and just by nature that every boy’s heart will be full of love, in the same way, my heart started dancing with love. I was a little bit panic.

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Missing the wedding of my pal

Some moments are so precious that you can never ever get them back. The only thing we can do is to REGRET missing those moments. The same thing is happening in my life. One by one, I have been missing the moments where I really wanna be.

The day before yesterday, one of my School Pal: Ramesh Maharjan got married and I am really happy for him but inside me, I have been feeling so regret not being able to attend such precious moment. I know this moment never ever gonna come again and I missed that. Anyway,

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My first Birth day

Nov 4 – Last week, it was my Birthday.

So, Am I one year older now or Is my life one year shorter…..??????


The interesting part is that I have never ever celebrated my Birthday like this. It’s the first time in my life where I celebrated with cakes. So, I called it First Birthday.


Thank you Guys ( Sagar, Ghale bhai, Roshan, Gaurav and Samundra’s Hajura ba) for the lovely moment. You guys have added one of the precious moments in my life.

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