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2018 Reading Books Challenge

Can you suggest me that one book which will drastically change my life and I don’t have to read any other books ?” – One of my friend asked me.

Well, at that moment, I was confused. Didn’t know which book to suggest because there are so many books that has changed the life of so many people.

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How to build a High Performing Team?

Did you ever feel like you are in the wrong team?


Did you ever wish if your team could be a high performing?

Well, this happens and this happens in most of the team when the members are not committed. In fact, some even don’t know the objective of their team. Needless to say, working as a team player is one of the key skill in the professional world which most of the employer value. Furthermore, it’s not only about working as a team player, it in fact is a team work and building a high performing team.

So, here it is how the High Performing Team can be built:

  • Common purpose

The main objective of a team should be clear, relevant and significant. It should be achievable like SMART goal. Every member should accept the objective of the team.

  • Clear Roles

Each member should be clear about their roles and that of members. It creates a sense of responsibility. One can help other when needed.

  • Accepted Leadership

Someone from the team should be there to lead the team. He/She should serve the team and appreciate collective and diverse skills. If no one takes leadership, then it’s like a running vehicle without a driver.

  • Effective processes

In order to achieve the goal, the team should map and identify the key team and business processes that facilitate the problem solving. Every step should be clearly identified and described to the team members so that they can follow-up.

  • Solid relationship in the team

Solid relationship in the team can be built through high trust, acceptance, respect, understanding, commitment, support, collaboration, empowerment, constructive challenge.

  • Excellent communication

An easy way of communication among the team members can facilitate the members to straight talk about what they think, challenge and propose. But, it should be always in the right way.

Why Team Dysfunction?

Have you ever experienced a failure in your Team Work?

Well, many of us probably say Yes.

But the point here is have you ever tried to find out the particular cause of the failure?

The first thing many people usually do is to blame other members to be in the safe side.

But do you thing this is the right approach?

Needless to say, it might be difficult to build a cohesive team but it is not complicated.

Our Executive coach Phil Crenigan presented the Five Dysfunctions model by Patrick Lencioni in ” Executive Coach in Residence ” program organized by the CQUniversity. The purpose of this program is to provide postgraduate students with insights and strategies on developing a clear career plan and to prepare them for their entry into employment and the next chapter of their career. I was one of them and here, I would like to share my experiences with his strategies tool and how it can be beneficial to every one of us to build a high performing team.

Why the Team Dysfunction?

According to the Patrick Lencioni, the five major factors that any team could dysfunctions are due to

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results


Fig: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Absence of Trust

When team members are not genuinely open with each other about their mistakes and weaknesses, there is absence of Trust.

Fear of Conflict

Due to the absence of trust, team members hardly engage in brain storming and passionate debate of ideas. Rather, they are limited to veiled discussion and guarded comments.

Lack of commitment

When there is a conflict, then team members rarely commit to their decision.

Avoidance of accountability

Without commitment, even a clear plan of action could not work.

Inattention to results

When team members put their individual needs above than the team goal, then inattention to results occurs.

But remember that these five are not isolated one but in fact interrelated to each other. Presence of any one of them can lead to the dysfunction of team.

Development and leadership for professional Part 1. (Personal leadership skills for your career)

Do you want to be a Manager?


Do you want to be an inspirational Leader?

The choice is your………………

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