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Blog 5 – Launching

Well, we went through lots of changes in the last hour. As I mentioned already in the testing blog that when we fall in love with our idea without considering the other side, then later we will realise that it doesn’t work. I mean – its not practical.

Same was the case with our previous idea. So, we had to change the main concept over the night. But we really did came up with other idea and back to the track. We made a business plan, we calculated the budget and finally we had the final power point presentation ready.

Well,  it was the zoom presentation. Roger and I were in the Gladstone and Bikesh was in Sydney. We gave our business pitch through zoom.

Our Business pitch, presentation, research, budget calculation was well appreciated by the Judge members but it was not well enough to be selected for the competition.

However, I was not so disappointed.

It was really a great experience over the past few months.

Doing research, having conversation with mentor, connecting with other professionals, continuous brainstorming, team work, presenting, testing ideas, getting feedback, learning from the mistakes………

Wow….. !!!!

it was really learning experience for me. Moreover, my confidence is built up. My ability to learn from mistakes has increased. No matter whether the result is success or failure, I have a confidence to give a try.

There is still long way to go………..

Blog 4 – Testing

Sometime you fall in love with your idea so hard that you will missed out the other side.

I was so convinced and excited to share my ideas that I believed it will definitely work. After hearing the two different ideas in our zoom session, I feel like my idea is the best one than their until I shared it. There were so many flaws in my idea that later I realized my research was not enough and I need to pitch my idea in the deeper level.

Testing phase is one of the learning phase where we share our ideas and try to prove how it is viable and sustainable in the long run. We try to answers each and every questions we receive from other and prove that this idea will work. The best part is to accept flaws and try to learn from it.

An idea doesn’t have to be great or perfect. In fact, it needs to be tested, reviewed and re analyzed to make it better than before.

That’s what we are doing now.

Reviewing, testing, analyzing and modifying.

Blog 3 Inspiration

Inspiration, as per Human centered design is an approach to deeply figure out the causes regarding the problem. It needs in depth research. So, we were still on research, trying to find the information. This time, as per Mentor, we divided our worked into four parts. It was like this:

What are the causes of the problem?                      Me

Which organisations are working on this issues and what have they done?   Roger

In what other activities, the disengaged youth are engaged?       Bikesh

How could we improve the youth engagement?               Adityan

As time is approaching nearby, we were planning to visit the organisation that is working on it. YOuth Action is one of them that is actively working on it and there is Professor  Philip O’Neil from Western Sydney University who has written report regarding the same issue. So, our next approach will be visiting Youth Action and Professor.

Beside, we were wondering if we could have some conversation with the youth ( 15-24) who is currently studying in our university and is from Western Sydney region. We are looking forward to this…..

Blog 2 Project Plan

Last week, we defined our social issue that we are going to work with. Today, we did a project plan regarding how we actually gonna do that. So, basically as per human centered design, we divided our project into three parts.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Ideation
  3. Implementation

We had a deadline to submit business model by 28 oct. So, we divided like this.

Sep 4 to 25 – Inspiration

Sep 26 – Oct 9 – Ideation

Oct 10 – 23 – Implementation

Oct 24 – 27 – Business model




Team work

So, first step now for us was to do intense research on our topic. So, by next week, we have decided to collect information and data doing secondary research.

Meet up with Mentor Upamali

We met our Mentor Upamali and it was great to meet with her and have some meaningful conversation. She was so enthusiastic with our project that I feel like we are going in the right direction. I believe with her help we could actually achieve the goal to take part in this competition and that is for me to actually develop the social innovation that will help the youth of western Sydney.

Zoom session with Ashley and other teams

I had  never been to zoom session but today’s zoom session really made me feel like wow because it was so productive that we could actually talk with all other teams who are taking part on this competition and get to know about each other project. The other main learning part was it helped me to think in other way regarding our project because I have never thought before. Well, Ashley was really great and her effort to help us throughout this project is beyond words.

Blog 1 – Big Idea Competition


Well, I was Lucky enough to get entry in The BiG Idea competition even in the last hour. Thanks to Bikesh, a social Champ in our Uni who called me last week and invited me to be the part of the competition and this time, there was no any chance to miss this great opportunity.

The Big Idea competition is a national social enterprise competition for Australian university undergraduate and postgraduate students, organised by The Big Issue national magazine.

”Don’t assume, be empathetic, dream big, work hard, co-design, prototype and remember it’s not about you, it’s about those that you are designing for! Make sure your idea meets a need in the market and ultimately contributes to positive social impact and change.”

This inspiring words from our Program Manager Ashley Clarke really inspired me to deeply research in the social issue of Australia.

Well, there were number of social issues like disability, crimes, unemployment, bullying in school, sexual assault but the unemployment issue in Western Sydney region really impact me to do more research on this problem. As per report of Youth action, Youth who are around 15 to 24 years of age have high rate of unemployment in Western region. But the most interesting factor is that there are some percentage of disengaged youth who are not even attending school nor doing jobs or not even taking any training. They are completely disengaged. So, the increasing number of disengaged youth in Western Sydney is creating other social issues like drug abuse, mental health problem and the economy of that region is very low.

I thought this will be the perfect social issue for the Big Idea competition. So, Today, I proposed my research with other two members of our team and they were convinced. Finally, this is our topic and we will be doing research on this issue. We even did some brainstorming over our idea. Our motive is to develop a social business that will help to reduce the disengaged youth rate in western Sydney.



At the moment, we have sent a draft of our idea to the Program Manager Ashley and We have been provided Mentor, Upamali Amarakoon. Every Tuesday at 11 am to 2 pm we have a meet up in Social innovation hub.

So, our next activities are to meet with our Mentor and brief our idea to her. The second thing is to carry out the research work to clearly define the problem going through Human centered design.