Morning Tea @ Town Hall, Lord Mayor

It was a kind of networking opportunity for me where there were Councillor from Bangladesh, Hongkong, Sydney Police officer promoting their Coggee Beach event and students who worked in City of Council as an intern.

Springwood to Faulconbridge hiking

Anyway, it was a long walk. I would rather say it an average hiking track and suggest everybody to go with a team to have more fun. If you are bored with crowded city life, then this might be your interest of getting the peace and cool environment where you can hear the bird singing and the forest dancing with wind. Also, there are some waterfalls which would be better to visit during the rainy season. Finally, don’t forget to take water and some food because you might need that because it’s a long walk. Remember, 6 hours normally but we managed to finish in 4 and half hours.

Interchange 2019

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get into the top 5 positions. We were at the sixth and couldn’t get into top 5 just by two points. That was really disappointing. It was a complete heart broken. However, we were proud that our idea was a kind of getting into the top 5. Even though we couldn’t get into top 5, we decided to approach the organisers just to give us an opportunity to pitch our idea since we had done so much hard work.

A conversation with Sameer in SBS Radio 2 Sydney (Nepali)

I never realized that my blog content could be such an inspirational to others. Just before graduating from CQUniversity, I had written a blog content regarding my experiences throughout the my uni days. Please click on the link to read my blog It was posted in the university blog but the most surprising moment […]

Why not try….?????

”We need to get 75 points”, one of my friend said. ” it’s getting hard,” the another whisper. You might be wondering what I am talking about if you are not familiar with these words. But, this is general for the international student like me here in Australia.