Why not try….?????

”We need to get 75 points”, one of my friend said.

” it’s getting hard,” the another whisper.

You might be wondering what I am talking about if you are not familiar with these words. But, this is general for the international student like me here in Australia.

Not everybody, but almost most of the international student like me have clear intention of getting PR and settling here in Australia. But in my scenario, its quite complicated and different. At one moment, there was an interest of applying for PR, getting a job and settling here but, now my first priority is to return back to my country and the another one is to initiate a start-up there.

Next week is my last day as a uni student in Australia. Afterwards, I will be graduating this July. Most of my friends are worried about how to get PR but the things I am worried about is what to start-up?

I feel like I have an idea with no clear idea.

Whenever I talk with my friends, I try to get out the way of their thinking regarding what next after graduation. But, I found most of them are in the same race of getting PR. According to them, PR is the safest way to be in Australia, get the job and settle life here. That’s true as well.

But for me, finding the purpose of my life is the most important one than PR. So, with all these dilemmas, lots of information, not able to figure out the clarity, insecure life style, not able to find the way out, sometime I feel crazy. However, sometime I feel challenged because I believe Life is all about creating rather than having.

What next…???

When someone ask this question then, I have a simple answer to them – ”I am going back to my country”. Most of my friends get surprised with this answer and for someone, it is very hard to believe. But for those, I don’t try to convince because there is nothing to convince. That’s just what I want to do.

Having said that, when I try to analyse the situation of my country, I feel really challenging regarding my decision to go back. I know it will be extremely hard for me and it may even costs high due to my decision to go back because there is no guarantee that I will be success there. And if you research about my country, its politically unstable, environmentally polluted and administratively corrupted. Seeing these facts, who else want to go back there ????

But, the thing that is driving me to take this risk is my passion to do something in my country. The successful stories of the young entrepreneurs like tootle, foodmandu, foodmario, UG cakes gave me more strength that there is platform for the young entrepreneurs who are passionate about doing something.

So, why not try ???


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