It was already more than three months but I didn’t know why I was procrastinating for this. Every month, I had promised to go somewhere new in Sydney and I did go to different new places but this was the one I was waiting for long.

Actually, I was planning to go with one of my room mate but, I felt like he was not interested on trek, so this time, I didn’t give any excuses. I went by myself. One of the best part of solo travelling is that I can be with myself. I can talk with myself, I can feel who I am and moreover, I can know myself better.

I took a train to Circular Quay, got into the ferry that took me to Manly where my journey actually begins. Manly to Spit walk is around 10 km and it normally takes 3-4 hours of walk. I was excited though because I really enjoy trekking. It took me 3 hours to complete this foot trail.

Since It was the good Friday, I could see quite large number of hikers. I was really surprised by this and felt like people are being conscious about their health. The foot trail began with the coastal walk. I could see couple enjoying on the beach, someone playing with their pets, someone busy on taking photos,

One of thing that surprised me was I could see parents with their children who were I guess around 7 – 8 years of age are on hiking. This made me to think for a while because I still remember the days of my childhood with my parents where we hardly went for hiking. I was looking at them, the way children were talking with their parents and the way they are having fun. I really missed those moments in my life because I never had those moments. My parents never realized the importance of outing, the importance of togetherness and importance of spending time together.

However, I have realized the importance of having time for togetherness and I have decided that in the coming days, I will be having quality time with my parents. Here are some of the glimpse of Manly to Spit Bridge walk.


Published by Niraj Thapa Magar

An Engineering management post-grad specialized in strategic innovation and passionate about social innovation to create a positive impact in the society. As a chairperson of Social innovation Club of CQuniversity, Sydney and with two and half year experienced as an electrical engineer in telecommunication, he has built up an innovative mindset with passionate heart to create a better world for tomorrow. According to him, life is all about being happy and making other happy.

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