I wondered when is the right time???

When is the right time to fall in love?

When is the right time to get married?

How about starting a business by own? When’s the proper time for that?

Since from the last couple of month, I have been trying to figure out when is the right time and what is the right time in life?

Most of the people say, it’s not the right time or when the time get’s right, I will do that, this…………

But I wondered when is the right time..? How to know that this is the right time?

Right now, I feel like I am quite stock in my life. Though I have been trying to grow by my self better but there comes the circumstances where I feel like there is much to do in life and here I am, not able to go through it taking the right steps.

Most of my friends are married and about to get married but I am here, near my 30th birthday, just started falling in love. But I am loving it and enjoying the moment with her.

But my parents are worried about my marriage and they want me to get married soon since I am getting older. This morning, I was talking with my mother and she sharply said that I have to get married by the end of 2019. From my perspective, I don’t want to get married at least two more years because I want to feel this moment a little bit longer and get to know each other better. So, I am in dilemma whether to marry now and make my parents happy or just wait two more years.

I am about to graduate this July. Well, most of my friends are already preparing for the pathway to Permanent Residency of Australia, but for me, I have always wish to do something in my country. So, I haven’t done any preparation yet. When I usually chat with my friends about this, most of them were surprised. They don’t believe that I will be going back to my home country but I really mean it. I know there are lots of challenges and struggles which most of us try to get away from that, but since living around two years in Australia have given me a strength to fight back in the hardest situation. I never cam here with a intention to live forever but rather to learn how to grow my life better and how to do things differently. I don’t know whether my decision is right or wrong, but I am taking a risk in my life.

Sometime I wondered it is the right time to get back home ?


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