Volunteering @ Story-factory

Being a part of volunteering is what I am passionate about. So, I am always looking for the opportunity to volunteer. Last time, I was in food packing event organised by Zambrero, they call it Mexican with mission where we did packed food which was supposed to go to Philippines and would be given to the people with low economic background.

These days I have been linked up with the storyfactory , a non profit organisation for creative writing for young people who are about to disengaged. I have already participated as a tutor in two of the workshops which were really great to work with the young people, listen their ideas and with the incredible storyfactory staffs.

Workshop A – Protest Poetry

I was really wondering how could I help these young people to write a protest poetry who has never been confidence in writing a poetry. But BILAL, our supervisor was there in the Parramatta Story-factory center to assist us throughout the workshop. He was really great guy to talk to and to learn about how to run the workshop. He was really really effective as per my experience.

The workshop was designed in such a simpler way that even those young kids could engage through reading step by step instructions. The workshop was about choosing any issues the kids care about. That could be anything that kids get really annoyed about like women empowerment, domestic violence, civil war, animal rights, globalization, bullying, racism, homeless people……….

The workshop started with a question – what annoys you?

There were different opinions from these kids, Some of them were like :

  • Those friends who walks slowly.
  • When mother calls for breakfast several times.
  • When no one passes the ball while playing basketball.
  • Kids shouting out loud.

After that, kids were given to choose the issue they care about and want to solve that problem. Some of the issues they had chosen were like globalization, women empowerment, civil war, animal right and son on. Based on their chosen issue, kids were allowed to think in a way like what was the issue look like. That is, they were suggested to linked their issue in an objective way where they would described what the was the issue look like.

The kid who was with me had picked globalization and he started with –

Imagine a world where everyday we have to deal with the hottest summer……..

It was the great start. I was really happy that the workshop was so effective. Even I was able to learn some skills to create a poetry. After the poetry, all of these poem will be published in the storyfactory magazine. It was a two hours session and Kids really enjoyed it. I could see most of the kids were so engaging and that was a great success for the storyfactory.


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