2018 Reading Books Challenge

Can you suggest me that one book which will drastically change my life and I don’t have to read any other books ?” – One of my friend asked me.

Well, at that moment, I was confused. Didn’t know which book to suggest because there are so many books that has changed the life of so many people.

Now, I feel there is no such thing like just one book is enough to change the life. I do believe that one book can make changes in our life but for sustaining that changes, reading one book is not enough. Every book has something valuable lesson to offer. So, I believe it’s a journey of continuous learning. It’s about updating our understanding and making our life better than before.

I really love reading books, especially the life’s changing book. I mean like true life stories, auto biography, life philosophy, motivational and inspirational type.

Last year 2018, I completed reading 8 books. Love to share with you about those books. So, here are the some valuable lesson that I have learned from it and I hope it will be valuable to you too.

  • Playing it my Way: My Autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar (Feb – March 2018)

Sachin has always been an inspiration not only to the young cricketers but the youth like us too. Right from the childhood, he was passionate about playing cricket and his dedication led him to be one of the best batsman. The never give up attitude, his calmness and perseverance are the key things that everyone should learn from him.

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship by Donald L. Sexton, Raymond W. Smilor (March – April, 2018)

Most of us has the wrong concept about leadership and entrepreneurship. We believe it’s a god gift or by birth achieved but the true things is both Leadership and Entrepreneurship is a learn-able skills. We can practice them daily and master it. It’s a journey. The writer says that no body is born as an entrepreneur or a Leader. It’s those who continuously practice and keep on doing it become a great leader and successful entrepreneur.

  • Mindset by Carol S. Dweck (April – May 2018)

Only less than 1 % people in the world are successful in their life. This is because most of the people are already defeated in their mind level . Those who are already defeated in their mind level will never achieve what they want to. Most of us has mindset that talent, skills are something gained by birth. It’s a god gifted. But it’s not. Generally, people have two mindset – growth mindset and fixed mindset. Growth mindsets are those who always see positive side while fixed mindsets are those who always see negative side. So, decide which one you are reading this inspirational book?

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek (July – Aug 2018)

Before starting any business, if you can figure out the true answer of just one word then, you will never fail. WHY……???? Many of us jump into the business without knowing our why. Why we want to be in business, why we want to do business, why, why….????? Well, we might know what we want to do and how we want to do, but the real success comes through when we actually know our why…???? So, do you want to start your business?


  • Anyone can do it by Sahar Hashemi (Aug – Oct 2018)

This book gives you the 57 real life laws of entrepreneurship. A brother and a sister who are in different field but not enjoying their life decided to take the journey from being employee to the employer. So, they thought of building US style coffee business in UK. It’s their story about how from zero knowledge about starting a business to the creating the million dollar business. It’s about a coffee republic.

  • GRIT by Angela Duckworth (Oct – Nov 2018)

Angela conducted a survey regarding why some people achieve success in their life and why some one not. On her research, she figure out that grit is something that differentiate people who will be successful in near future. Grit is a passion and perseverance that one possess. Her life changing equation is something that everyone should understand why effort matters most than a talent to achieve the goal.

Skill * effort = Talent

Talent * effort = Achievement

  • Leadership Smarts by Kenneth H. Blanchard ( Dec 2018)

This book is the smart way to learn about Leadership. It’s the collection of the inspirational and motivational quotes that great leaders talk about. Reading them and actually practicing it can make us a journey towards a great leader.

  • Life’s amazing secret by Gaur Gopal Das ( Dec 2018)

Life’s amazing secret is Gaur Gopal’s inspiration to unveil the secret of our life. Life is from B (Birth) to D (Death) and what comes in between is C which stand for Choice. So, life is about how we choose to live. His philosophy about life is

”Stop going through life, Start growing through life.”


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