Self Reflection

I was born in a society where Doctor and Engineers are only considered the most prestigious job than any other. With the same mindset, I joined an engineering college and became an Electrical engineer even I truly didn’t enjoy it. Working two and half years in a telecommunication company, I realized that engineering is not my stuff. So, I was looking for a change, a change that will find the purpose of my life. I truly believe that travelling will help to explore the purpose of life. So, I decided to apply for the abroad study and joined one of the University in Sydney.

I used to believe that the knowledge I gained through my academic career are enough to embark the challenges of my life. But I was wrong. Ever since I enrolled my University, I started taking part in different social innovation workshop,life changing seminars, leadership events and extra-curriculum activities of my University. Then I truly started realizing the value of engagement, the value of learning not just from the books but from the others and the value of sharing. I started to enjoy sharing my experiences and learning with others. Moreover, I figured out happiness for me is about helping others…………

To be continued……


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