CQUniversity Leadership Conference 2018 – My reflection ( Part 2)


30th Oct – The day is finally here I was eagerly waiting for.

I had a flight at 8 am from Sydney. Roger Shrestha joined me from Sydney campus. But the interesting moment was when I met Sophie at the Sydney Airport. I had no idea that she was also taking part in the Leadership Conference because earlier I was told that there would be only two students from Sydney campus who would be joining the conference. I met Sophie in our uni library as she is working part time as library staff. We became actually a friend in the Orientation program last term in Sydney campus where we both worked as a volunteer and after that it was the first time I met her.

Qantas Airline

With Qantas flight, we landed on Brisbane and  then another flight to Gladstone. The moment I was about to land on Gladstone was so hard for me because my both ears were hurting so badly. I couldn’t express how I was feeling at that time but it was really bad – felt like my ears would burst with pain. We landed on Gladstone and I could really feel the summer had started there because back in Sydney, when I left, the weather was cool.

I supposed his name was James ( apologize if the name is mistaken)  who picked us in the Gladstone Airport. It was there where I figured out that most of the people from Brisbane who were on the same flight were actually for the Leadership conference. Around 11 am in the morning, we reached the Gladstone CQU campus and I was totally shocked by its location and the surrounding environment. Well, Sydney Campus is just a single building surrounded by crowds and look here at Gladstone, it’s totally different. At one time, I wished I could have come here instead of Sydney Campus.

Then, we had Registration followed by Welcome session.

The conference started with the workshop introducing the i4 Neuroleader model and its self assessment by Tanya. Actually Tanya is the one who actually created this whole leadership conference model. This was the first time I have seen her, otherwise, I just used to receive her email.


I completed my self assessment before online and I got my result on that day. Then, I figure out that I need to improve on communication as per my report and that’s true. I usually speak less and listen more. Sometime I know speaking less is bad for me but I believe this is one my of the greatest strength because by listening other, I can feel what they are trying to say and by observing them, I can figure out, how they feel.

One of the reason to take part on this leadership conference for me was to learn from others and that could only be possible if I listen and observe them. That’s what I did and it was really helpful. 

If you want to know more about i4 Neuroleaders, then

please visit the link About My brain

One of the interesting part of the workshop was the commitment part where we wrote our commitment we were going to fulfill in these three days and we took photo with Instagram tag. Tanya started with a commitment to drink more water while other were making commitments like speaking with at least 20 people,  starting meditation, increasing optimism, jogging 30 minutes everyday, speaking less and listening more to other and many more…….

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Well, I was on the queue too, wondering what to commit but ended of committing this:

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Actually, my next project after this Leadership Conference was to raise a fund for Teach for Nepal. So, in order to inspire myself further to achieve my goal, I realized this was the perfect place to commit so that every time I look at this photo, it would remind me of what I have committed and will inspire me further. If you want to know more about me, my campaign and Teach for Nepal, please click on the link 

One Dollar Campaign

and if you believe that whatever I am doing is of your values, please support me through your donation. It’s just a one dollar and remember that

One dollar can make difference in somebody’s life ……..

The another interesting part that resonated me was the meditation session. Usually, I practice meditation on daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes. But this time, it was different. I do meditation counting and focusing on my breath but the way, we did in the workshop was quiet fascinating where I started with breath, then focused towards our feet, then knee, then hip to every parts of my body. Not only that, I even was thankful to every parts of my body for functioning properly. That was quite surprised because I have never done it before. After meditation, I feel like there is not only one way to do meditation and I convinced myself to give this kind of practice in coming days.

Then, we had a beautiful lunch.

The conference had four workshop session and it was divided as per given schedule:

Session schedule

I got a heart. So, my first session was Mind. 

What a co-incidence….???

Since couple of weeks, I have been reading books like ”Mindset” by Carrol Dweck, ”Grit” by Angela Duckworth that are related to our mind, brain and psychology in order to enhance my growth mindset. So, I was so much excited that today, I would be learning something new. But, after the session, I was disappointed because I didn’t get something new that I was expecting for. That may be due to the fact that I was already familiar with everything that had been said in the workshop. Also what I have found was that the mentor was not someone who was well expertise in that subject. So, it would have been much better if we had a mentor who was actually well knowledge regarding the session.

Check in to accommodation

Then, It was the time for check in to accommodation and have some refresh. The accommodation was superb. I got a room at 9th floor. After some refresh, we headed back to Campus and there was Guest Speaker – Silvia Damiano, a name I have never heard before.

The presentation of Silvia Damiano was one of the best part of this session. Actually, she was one who created i4 Neuroleader workshop. The best thing I liked about her speech was the way she talked about our brain, its functioning and how to make it more effective because for me, through out my academic career, no body ever talked about our brain and how could we improve our life better my developing our brain. That was really useful for me. According to her, we can develop our brain through meditation, positive thinking and actually working on it. 

Silvia Damiano

What I have realized through her is that basically most of us try to change the circumstances around us but the more important part is to control the thoughts of our brain. If we could control our brain, our mind and our thoughts, the circumstance automatically changes accordingly.

After that powerful presentation, we had a dinner and back to the room.

Dinner time

I slept early and trust me, it was one of the finest sleep. May be due to tiredness of the hour long travel and workshops on the single day.

About to sleep

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