CQUniversity Leadership Conference 2018 – My reflection ( Part 1)

It was July 6, the day I submitted my Expression of Interest for the CQUniversity Leadership Conference 2018 that was going to be held in Oct 30th – Nov 1st in Gladstone. I was really excited because I feel like –

Hey Niraj, you have to grab this opportunity and develop your Leadership skills. You need to learn from other young leaders. Leaders are not only born, they are created as well.

Aug 7,

I got an email that confirmed my place in the Leadership Conference. It was Aha…!!!! moment for me because that was what I have been waiting for.

A Long wait………..

Well, I was so excited about the conference but more than that, now I was worried. This was because I need to get off from my part time job for three days and it was really a challenging for me to get three days off. My so called manager didn’t allow me to take off other than I have exam. So, I was confused regarding how to convince him because I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t allow me to get three days off even if I managed someone to cover my shift. Let me don’t bother you towards what’s going on between us but what I was sure that I have to attend this conference anyway. So, I was looking for chances…..

On 19th October, we had a general meeting late night. It was the first meeting ever since I joined that company. Every staff were there and I thought this could be the perfect time for me to convince him. Because if he agreed then, next time he couldn’t deny me because he would have already committed in front of all the staffs and there was also a valid reason for me to ask for three days off because I was not going for Holidays instead I was going to learn the leadership skills and if I enhance my skills, then that would be good for him and his company too.

Thank god, he agreed. And I was relieved. It was like climbing the Mount Everest and shouting out loud – Yes, I got it……. A full of joy, excitement level increased and no worry at all.

But my Happiness didn’t last longer because over the next few days, I could feel through his expression that he didn’t wanted to let me go. He kept on asking me about the event whether it was Uni stuff and over the time, I had to convince him that it was the Uni stuff. I even had to show my confirmation email to make him believe that what ever I said was true. But the most disappointing moment was when I heard that he tried to convince one of my workmate ( was supposed to cover my shift) not to cover my shift so that there could be no one to cover my shift during my days off.

It was really painful moment for me because your so called manager is no more behaving like the real manager, instead trying keep the barrier of manager and employees. And that’s when I have learned one important lesson in my life. i.e

When I will be manager someday, I will not allow myself to keep barrier with staffs with the tag called Manager. Instead, I will create an open relationship where everybody will be opened in expressing  about what they feel, how & why they feel and what we need to do in order to achieve our common goal – A two way approach.

Even with such hurdles going on, finally he was convinced. Early morning, I read a quote in LinkedIn and it says,

”You don’t leave a bad organisation, You leave bad bosses.”

That’s when I realized it’s so true. There is nothing like bad or good organisation. There is nothing like leaving a bad organisation instead you are leaving the bad bosses.

Anyway, I was going to the CQUniversity Leadership Conference and I was just counting my days…………


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