Blog 5 – Launching

Well, we went through lots of changes in the last hour. As I mentioned already in the testing blog that when we fall in love with our idea without considering the other side, then later we will realise that it doesn’t work. I mean – its not practical.

Same was the case with our previous idea. So, we had to change the main concept over the night. But we really did came up with other idea and back to the track. We made a business plan, we calculated the budget and finally we had the final power point presentation ready.

Well,  it was the zoom presentation. Roger and I were in the Gladstone and Bikesh was in Sydney. We gave our business pitch through zoom.

Our Business pitch, presentation, research, budget calculation was well appreciated by the Judge members but it was not well enough to be selected for the competition.

However, I was not so disappointed.

It was really a great experience over the past few months.

Doing research, having conversation with mentor, connecting with other professionals, continuous brainstorming, team work, presenting, testing ideas, getting feedback, learning from the mistakes………

Wow….. !!!!

it was really learning experience for me. Moreover, my confidence is built up. My ability to learn from mistakes has increased. No matter whether the result is success or failure, I have a confidence to give a try.

There is still long way to go………..


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