Zambrero – A mexican with mission

One of the best part of being Human is that we have a feeling – a feeling of love, care, affection and sorrow. What ever the nationality you have, which ever religion you follow, that doesn’t matter and what matter is it really hurts when you suffer.

Ever since I landed Australia, I was always looking forward to be the part of any social organisation through volunteering and finally, today, I got that opportunity.

Zambrero – a plate 4 plate movement

How many of you had lunch today?

How many of you will have dinner tonight?

The event started with this two questions and almost, everyone raise their hands.

Even I…….

There are people in the world where they don’t have anything to eat. In fact, their life is about struggling to get out of hunger. So, Zambrero is a meal packing event where all the volunteers will help to pack the nutritious meals that will provide much needed relief to communities in the Philippines through distribution partner Rise Against Hunger.

I heard about this event through one of my friend who is a social innovation champ in our University. As I am interested to be the part of these kinds of social activities, immediately I registered my name.

Today, I joined the movement and it was one of the life learning lesson. Before joining, what I thought was that most of the youth and adults will be joining this event but what I have found was that from small children to the senior citizens, all were there and that really surprised me.

Well, I really feel good today to see different ages of people working hand on hand together for a social cause. We gave our two hours for such a meaningful works and that give some sense of satisfaction in my life. Hope the meals we prepared today will be given to those who are really in need.

Really looking forward for another volunteering opportunities.

Here are some of glimpse of today’s event:


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