Blog 3 Inspiration

Inspiration, as per Human centered design is an approach to deeply figure out the causes regarding the problem. It needs in depth research. So, we were still on research, trying to find the information. This time, as per Mentor, we divided our worked into four parts. It was like this:

What are the causes of the problem?                      Me

Which organisations are working on this issues and what have they done?   Roger

In what other activities, the disengaged youth are engaged?       Bikesh

How could we improve the youth engagement?               Adityan

As time is approaching nearby, we were planning to visit the organisation that is working on it. YOuth Action is one of them that is actively working on it and there is Professor  Philip O’Neil from Western Sydney University who has written report regarding the same issue. So, our next approach will be visiting Youth Action and Professor.

Beside, we were wondering if we could have some conversation with the youth ( 15-24) who is currently studying in our university and is from Western Sydney region. We are looking forward to this…..


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