How to build a High Performing Team?

Did you ever feel like you are in the wrong team?


Did you ever wish if your team could be a high performing?

Well, this happens and this happens in most of the team when the members are not committed. In fact, some even don’t know the objective of their team. Needless to say, working as a team player is one of the key skill in the professional world which most of the employer value. Furthermore, it’s not only about working as a team player, it in fact is a team work and building a high performing team.

So, here it is how the High Performing Team can be built:

  • Common purpose

The main objective of a team should be clear, relevant and significant. It should be achievable like SMART goal. Every member should accept the objective of the team.

  • Clear Roles

Each member should be clear about their roles and that of members. It creates a sense of responsibility. One can help other when needed.

  • Accepted Leadership

Someone from the team should be there to lead the team. He/She should serve the team and appreciate collective and diverse skills. If no one takes leadership, then it’s like a running vehicle without a driver.

  • Effective processes

In order to achieve the goal, the team should map and identify the key team and business processes that facilitate the problem solving. Every step should be clearly identified and described to the team members so that they can follow-up.

  • Solid relationship in the team

Solid relationship in the team can be built through high trust, acceptance, respect, understanding, commitment, support, collaboration, empowerment, constructive challenge.

  • Excellent communication

An easy way of communication among the team members can facilitate the members to straight talk about what they think, challenge and propose. But, it should be always in the right way.


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