Sydney Train life

One thing I hate most about Sydney Train is ” Why the heck it is so expensive?”

I hardly find it worth because most of the time, it was always delayed. And sometime it even cancelled the moving train on its way. Last Sunday, I was on my way to work and suddenly the Train officer noticed us that the train no more will travel further and we had to change our train from the next station. I was delayed by fifteen minutes on work.

Well, this is the usual problem I have been facing since I arrived here in Sydney last year and it has never shown the sign of improvement up to now. Hope it will. But the things I was concerned about in the Sydney train is the noise people are making. Especially, the international students like me.

Last week, I was on my way. Two of the other persons on the Train, just ahead of me,  one of them was a man in his 50’s and other was a girl, an internstional student, may be around twenty-two were talking in their phones. Their was nothing wrong with their conversation. The thing I was concerned about was the noise they were creating on the train. Well, I usually read books while travelling through Train and I was having difficulty to concentrate on my reading due to their noise. It was not only about me. Other people who were at the same compartment of the train were literally disturbed by them.

This made me to remember one of the incident where I was the one making noise. It was the day when I was on my way to uni through Sydney Train. I got a call from one of my friend. I received it and we had a conversation around twenty minutes. Probably, those twenty minutes, I might had fun talking with my friend but I literally disturbed all of others who were at train. At the moment, I felt like that was not a kind act from me.

Now, I realized that how important is it to maintain the peace in the public place and respect the public right to have peace. I never thought how a small act can make such difference. Ever since, I never try to receive any call on the public train and even if I do, I try to make it as short as possible.

” Respect the public right to peace. Be an aware traveller”


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