Are Today’s graduates ready for the Job world?

Many graduates after completing their graduation take longer time to get their first entry in the job market. Lack of job opportunities is not the reason behind it since most of the employers figured out that graduates may hold satisfactory qualification but they lack soft skills (Archer & Davison, 2008). Employers are more interested on their personal traits and soft skills than their degree qualification (Tymon, 2013). Only 24% of the Universities graduates are defined as an excellent by the Employers (Cabellero, C. L., & Walker, 2010). This shows graduates are not work ready and they still lack the basic skills required for their job title.

Many universities courses are still not up to date as per the current market need (Tymon, 2013). They are providing theoretical knowledge which was designed decade ago. So, more than quarter of university graduates expresses that their university degrees are useless (Archer & Davison, 2008). One of the main reason behind graduates not being employable is due to the existing debate that what make graduates employable. There is no any standard terms that define the employability of graduates. This shows that there is gap between the Universities and market industry. i.e Universities and market industry are not effectively collaborating to design the course that can produce the work ready graduates.

But more importantly, Graduates may be academically qualified but they lack soft skills which they fail to develop during their universities days. A research found that 76.5% applicants were unsuitable for the position based on suitability rate (Cabellero, C. L., & Walker, 2010). That is, many graduates are focused only on improving their academic marks since universities have develop such platform. They are not aware of developing other soft skills which most employer value on hiring them. Either Universities are not providing such platforms or students are not aware of the current market need, there is need of platform that helps students enhance their soft skills.

There are certain recruiting agency in the market that are only focused on providing jobs based on their academic record which doesn’t solve this issue. LinkedIn, a social platform, is not being effective especially for graduates to help them develop their soft skills. It is best for building networks. So, there is a need of platform that helps universities students to develop their soft skills rather than the theoretical knowledge. A platform which helps them to be aware earlier about the requirement of the industry they want to be part of. It gives them an opportunity to get connect with the industry and a sufficient time to enhance their skills since skills can’t be learn in a couple of days or by just participating in one-day training. Skills needs to be develop over time.



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