A step towards Personal development


Amazing, awesome, mind blowing…………..

I should have done this before……………….

Anyway, I have done it and it really made me feel better than before.

I could not believe that there would be such a huge participation. Thank you for everyone who has been the part of this work. Your valuable suggestions and comments will be the key to the success of this work and I believe I will improve my weakness based upon your suggestion with strengthening my good qualities forever.

Every person has strength and weakness. So do I. 

Last week, I emailed my school friends, +2 friends, bachelor friends, some of my uni friends, teachers and colleagues. The email was intended to carry out personal SWOT analysis. If you don’t know about SWOT, then in simple language, it is the tool to figure out strength and weakness of an organisation or individual. So, I tried to carry out my individual SWOT analysis so that I can know my strength and weakness and then, can improve better working on weakness.

Who know you better than your friends? 

A huge thanks to everybody because I never knew I have such a huge qualities. Most of my friends pointed out my strengths which are pretty similar to each other. They are….

  • Patience
  • Hard working
  • Cheerful
  • Easily approachable
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Helpful
  • Loyal
  • Cool
  • Motivator  ( Really…???? Didn’t notice about that. wow… I should be motivational speaker then….. hehehehe..)
  • Supportive
  • Discipline
  • Team Player
  • Optimistic

I was really impressed by the list of my strength until I figured out my weakness where I needed to improve a lot. Some of them are those which I have been trying to reduced since years but still struggling. Here are the list of weakness……

  • Radical introvert
  • Information hungry
  • Overthinking
  • Poor dressing sense
  • Easily believe others
  • No relationship
  • Poor personal grooming
  • Poor Communication Skill
  •  Sometimes talk too much
  • Sometimes takes things personally
  • need to be more socialized
  • not open minded sometimes
  • Volatile
  • Trying to achieve more

This is a part of Executive coach in residence program for career and personal development which I have been taking in CQuniversity. This is not just to complete the program but the real motto is to genuinely improve my personal quality so that I can be better human being in every single day.


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