Expected a repair but Got a Brand new Huawei MATE 9

I have been using Huawei Mate 9 on plan with Vodafone since four month. Last month, my Mate 9 headset port stopped working and I was no longer able to use my headphone. Last week, finally I sent my phone back to Huawei Repair Center through Vodafone service centre since it was under warranty and they informed me that I will get it back after fifteen days. Well, that was too long. I have to check the Sydney train schedule on daily basis. If you even left your mobile in room, then it’s very very difficult to travel here in Sydney. Specially for the new international student, its too complicated.

But thanks to mobile loan service through which I got another mobile in replace to use as loan. I paid AUD 50 for it which was refundable.

I was eagerly waiting for my mobile to get back soon.

After 10 days, i.e today, I got sms that my mobile has been repaired and it’s on the Vodafone centre. So, with full excitement , I went to Vodafone centre.

They checked my receipt and handed me my Mate 9.

A brand new Huawei Mate 9.

I was speechless. What I had thought was that I would get that used one with repair but they handed me the brand new.

Yes, The brand new Huawei Mate 9.

I hadn’t even asked for the new one. I would just be happy with the repair. But they handed me the brand new one.

Thank you Huawei for the awesome customer service………..




Published by Niraj Thapa Magar

An Engineering management post-grad specialized in strategic innovation and passionate about social innovation to create a positive impact in the society. As a chairperson of Social innovation Club of CQuniversity, Sydney and with two and half year experienced as an electrical engineer in telecommunication, he has built up an innovative mindset with passionate heart to create a better world for tomorrow. According to him, life is all about being happy and making other happy.

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