When our friend – ship moved to next level.

” My brother and he is the best friend”

Sandhya was explaining to her (going to be) sister in law name, Anamika about our friendship.

This was not the first time Sandhya, talking about our friendship.

Well, his brother and I first met when we were at class 3. That was some 17 years ago. And till now, our friendship is getting stronger than ever. In fact, just few days ago, I realized that our friendship has reached to Next level. We are no more best friend. We are better than that. Just Best friend is not the right word to describe our Friendship

”Our Friend Ship has moved to Next level.”

Celebrating Holy some three years ago

Truly speaking, I am really bad at making friends. There are hardly few numbers of friends with whom I can speak freely. But with this man, I wonder how our Friend ship crossed the next level. In fact, we don’t have common thoughts, common vision and you will be shocked to know that we have to rely on Facebook to know each-other birthday.

”Well, I am really sorry to mention that he doesn’t know his actual birthday. Even his parents couldn’t identify his DOB. Well, may be because he is the youngest one – the number seven. ”

‘He wants to settle in abroad but I want to live in the country of my origin.”

” He prefers Love marriage but I prefer Arrange.”

” He wants an easy way to earn money but I want struggle for money.”

” He wants a secure life but I want challenging life.”

” His and my choices are far different when it comes to Girls.”

Though we have such differences, what made us stronger which I believe are the

Trust, Respect and Caring”.



Trust in the sense that we don’t have fear that any one of us will neglect each-other. Even when we are in distance, we don’t feel like we will loose the quality of our friendship. Right now, I am in Australia and he is in Nepal but we never feel like we are apart. Six years ago, he was in London and I was in Nepal. Distance has never been the problem for our friendship. It feels like even if we will be in distance for more than 10 years, our friendship gonna be the same. We don’t have fear to loose our friendship. That’s the best part. 


As I listed the differences between us and the list goes on…… But these differences has never been issue in our friendship. This is due to the Respect for each other. We respect each other views. Though we may have some debate but that’s just a debate, not an issue. I believe we don’t feel like we don’t understand each-other feeling.  We love the way what we are and we don’t expect each other to change for each other.


Caring doesn’t mean knowing all the alphabets of our life. There may be so many stories that we may not have shared with each other but that never mean we don’t care each other. Sometimes I get to know about him from other but that never bothered me. I never feel like he didn’t share with me. In fact, it has helped me to know him better. In every day of life, knowing each other better day by day is the best part in the friendship. 

It’s more than the 17 years and now, we don’t need to say we are best friend. That’s too low for our friendship.

”Our friend ship has crossed the level of Best Friend.”


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