But I have faith…….

”How old are you?”- my manager asked me.

”27” – I replied.

”OMG, you are too old. You are finished.” – he said.

Why? – I queried.


Then, he started explaining…..

” You haven’t finished your graduation yet. You need to find the better job. You need to get married. You don’t have hundred thousand bank balance and blah blah………….

When I was your age, I was already a manager of more than two company. I had my own car and I had good bank balance.”

”Look at 27, you don’t have any of these and if within 2/3 years, you couldn’t move forward, then you are finished.”

It made me think for a while then, I asked him,” Does age matter that?’

”I mean someone can be manger at 27 years but some may be at 35. It’s time that will determine. it’s not that everybody should have what you have within 27 years”

”You really need to do many things. Get PR and then apply for the job that market needed.”

‘But, I want to go back to my country and do something worth.”

”That;s dump idea. Be smart. Only loser go back to their country. Get PR and settle your life here. Why you are thinking about your country? What your country have given you? ”

” I didn’t come here to get PR and settle my life. I came here to return back. I can’t figure out what should I do in my country at the moment but I am sure I will do something worth.’

”Do your parents have enough finance to support you?”


”Do you have any great political leader to support you?”


” Do you have enough bank balance?”

‘ No”

” Look you don’t have anything and you are saying you want to go back. No body cares what you do. Just make your life better here”

”But I have faith ”


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