Over thinking

I was on the way back to my room from 12 hours of work. It usually takes around 45 minutes on train.

As usual, I was on the top carriage of the Train alone checking my Instagram profile to know how many likes do my latest post received. Ever since I have been so passionate about photography, uploading new pictures on my Instagram profile has been routine.

On Sydney train, one can travel in between the carriages whenever you like. As the same, a beautiful girl just entered in my carriage. I thought she will pass by and didn’t care so much. But the interestingly, she came near by me. Now, I became a little bit active since a beautiful girl was nearby and just by nature that every boy’s heart will be full of love, in the same way, my heart started dancing with love. I was a little bit panic.

”Excuse me”She


” Can I use your phone?”She


‘ I just got lost and I wanna call my friend.”She


I handed my mobile to her. She dialed a number and started talking with her friend.

As outgoing call within Australia is free, So I don’t have to worry about my balance. This is one of the best thing I like about Vodafone. Otherwise, if it was in our country, then I have to check my balance first. Then, I should ask her whether the number she wanted to dial is of same network? Otherwise, you will be F**ked up by recharging again and again your balance.

She was talking with her friend that doesn’t made me feel anything but the real thing that made me worried was that she kept moving towards the door of the train. Now, my mind started over thinking.

”Why is she moving towards the door?”

”Is she going to take my mobile and run in the next stop?”

”But she doesn’t look she will do that?”

”What if she did?”

”How could she do that? There is CCTV in the Sydney train. She can get caught.”

”What if she was planning something else with the guy she is talking to.”

”Is she trying to make me involved in their crime?”

”But she looks innocent. How could such beautiful girl be like that?”

”This is the 21st century and there is hardly someone you can believe.”

”But I am just helping her and it’s good to help other when needed. I had helped others in Train the same way before and I am sure she is in trouble.”

”What if she run away with your mobile in next stop?”

”What should I do now then?”

”Should I call her and asked for my mobile?”

”No, No, No…. That looks rude.”


”Let’s be aware what’s she gonna do next.”

”Be ready to chase her if she ran away in the next stop.”

So, I was almost ready for the run and chase game. But, I was pretending that everything was good so that she doesn’t feel like I am caring her.

Thank God….

She gave my mobile with big Thank you. She alight from the train on the Next station.

Rest, I kept smiling over me and my thoughts…..

Well, it was over thinking……….. hehehehe…..


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