Missing the wedding of my pal

Some moments are so precious that you can never ever get them back. The only thing we can do is to REGRET missing those moments. The same thing is happening in my life. One by one, I have been missing the moments where I really wanna be.

The day before yesterday, one of my School Pal: Ramesh Maharjan got married and I am really happy for him but inside me, I have been feeling so regret not being able to attend such precious moment. I know this moment never ever gonna come again and I missed that. Anyway,

Ramesh Wedding


Dear Ramesh,

I really wish you a Happy married life. I am sure both of you will make a beautiful life ahead. Have a great day my fren.

With Love,


This was not only the case. I missed the marriage ceremony of two of my childhood friends.

Prakash and Sanju.


Prakash and Sanju Wedding


Well, they both are my childhood friends and the interesting part is that they got engaged to each other which was one of the best things to do. I missed the chance to be the member of such precious moment of their life but I really do wish for their Happy life and they are having too……..

One of the interesting parts of married life is that it changes the person. Sanju, who used to speak with direct words in Nepali like ta, tero, talai, while speaking with Prakash is now speaking the polite and respectful words like Hajur, tapai, …….. I think most of my school pals will agree with this because it’s the fact. But anyway, I am really happy for both of you.

Whenever something special happens, I have been far away. I am in Australia right now while Ramesh had a wedding in Nepal the day before yesterday. I was in Dadeldhura while Prakash and Sanju had a wedding in Kathmandu.

I wish now, I could be the part of such moments in the coming days of mine friends. Hope I can be there and enjoy the precious moments of their life.


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