Missing my Pals badly

I am really bad in making frens. That may be the reason, I have just few frens whom I can say the closed one and they are mostly from the school zone.

It’s been around three and half month here in Australia, and I have started missing them so badly that sometime I regret not having anyone of them here. I am closed and reserved type of guy who doesn’t open himself until he feels completely comfortable with someone. Someone even call me introvert. Well, it’s by nature that I don’t like to be opened unless I am comfortable with but living here in Australia has somehow helping me to go out of the comfort zone.

Today is my day off and I wish one of my fren have been here so that I can hangout with him/her. Life is really weird and lonely without frens and family here in Australia. When I see post of day out with their frens, family or relatives in social medias, I am really jealous of that moment. I wish I could have those moments. Wish, I could have my pals here in Australia……..

Sometime I go to the beaches alone and unfortunately, I am only the lone guy hanging around the beaches while most of them are couple, group of frens, family sharing the lovely moments. During the shopping, its the same. Sometime it feels like I am the odd guy, the only one and rest are the world.

The only days I enjoyed was during the Uni where I could hangout with my new uni frens and it gave lots of pleasure. Now, it’s summer break and my life is workaholic. Its like

work sleep work sleep work sleep day off sleep work sleep work……

Badly Missing you guys…………



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