In the past few days….

It was Saturday and I was happy because it was the payday. Usually, I used to get paid on Saturday.


My supervisor called me, did some calculation, handed AUD 500 and informed that they no more needed me. I was shocked. I lost my job even I worked honestly. According to them, they had more number of workers but in reality, they wanted to keep the employee of their own.

It was the Kebab factory and I had to cut chicken for Kebab. Usually, the earning from this job was a total saving and I had another work in Kitchen hand for covering my accommodations and travel expenses. So, it was well balanced. More than that, I could attend my uni too. So, my life was total in balanced in the work and the study until I lost this job.

Australia is very hard to live if you don’t work. The craziest part I think is that we can work, we can study, we can earn but it’s very hard to save. If you are saving then, that’s awesome.

Obviously, I was in search of another job since the first job is only covering my living expenses.

I got a call for trial in Cafe all rounder where I did trial about an hour but I was not selected. I was quiet shocked to know that there were few others waiting for the trial. The best part was that we were from same nation and We didn’t know about that until we communicated. Before that once I went in takeaway shop for trial. The supervisor was ASEAN, looks like Taiwanese or Thailand. She offered me AUD 12/hr which was very low pay for me. So, I denied to work there and later, she told me that my English was not so good enough….. Wtf….

But seriously, I need to improve my English because I feel like my English is not good enough to be in the competitive level.

I am fond of learning new skills in hospitality. Once I applied for the position of making Japanese Sushi and my application was accepted. I was called for training at 6 am in the morning. Unfortunately, I reached there in 6:45 am. The Japanese boss was quite offset with me. He told me that I didn’t care about his job and the value of time which he never likes. He wanted to cancel my training but since it was the first day, he gave me the last chance.

Actually, the business hour starts at 7 am in the morning and before that he wanted to teach me some skills. It was my fault that I didn’t take care of time and the another great mistake was that I even didn’t informed him through sms that I would be late. So, in Australia, you have to be very very careful of your time and in case, you are late, you need to inform early.

I made some Japanese sushi as per trained and he wanted me to make one sushi per minute. The most fascinating part was that the boss was as young as like me. I wondered how could he start such business at this level of age. I was a little bit jealous by his status. I wondered if I could have …… But, I learned one important message in my life. i.e. the importance of time.

He was impressed by my works and he left the decision on me whether to work with his team or not. He is ready to trained me every aspect of his business. So, I have to make choice whether to work with him or not. I have the due time by tomorrow.


To be continued…..



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