My first Birth day

Nov 4 – Last week, it was my Birthday.

So, Am I one year older now or Is my life one year shorter…..??????


The interesting part is that I have never ever celebrated my Birthday like this. It’s the first time in my life where I celebrated with cakes. So, I called it First Birthday.


Thank you Guys ( Sagar, Ghale bhai, Roshan, Gaurav and Samundra’s Hajura ba) for the lovely moment. You guys have added one of the precious moments in my life.

Lovely thanks to everybody who wished for my Birthday to make it special.

There was the time which I still remember where I used to go in my friends Birthday. Specially, I still have that memory of Celebrating Khem’s Birthday. Khem, my school mate. Every year, he celebrated his birthday and everyyear, I used to attend. It was the time when I was in 4th Grade. He used to get lots of gifts on that day but I always had the same one piece of copy to give him by packing in paper. I used to get jealous. I used to feel like how lucky he was because I had never celebrated my birthday like him during my childhood and I really missed those moments in my life.

When I used to see my friends or any other neighbours Celebrating their children Birthday, it really hurt me inside since it’s like I was begging for those moments in my childhood. My parents are really hard working due to which I had an opportunity to get good academic background but I felt like they lack the knowledge on how to add happiness to their children life. They thought that food, education, clothes and accessories were enough. This was not their fault too since they had had a hard childhood compared to ours and they just did the way they were up bringing by our grands parents.

But, even at the moment, when I see any children celebrating their birthday, I felt like I missed these moments in my childhood which will never gonna come back. That thrust will never be quinched.


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