The same routine

‘Wish Life has been as expected. But the truth is that it never happens and this is what I really loved about.”

I can’t believe Dashain is Next Saturday. Did I really spend around three months in Australia? How is that possible? But I feel like I just came here yesterday. I can’t figure out how fast the time has gone so far here in Sydney. Summer is about to start and my apps show above 30 for the next three days. It really gonna be heated days and I really hate summer.

My life is like a machine. As Sandeep Maheshwari says Khachar, the same thing is happening.

The first day:

Get up @ 5 am, take some breakfast, catch a train, then bus, start my works, finish work, catch another train, start the second works, finish work and return room around 12 at the night and the time is 1 am when I am in bed.

The second day, follow the same routine.

The third day, I really realised I am a student and I need to attend class in Uni.

And the routine continues…………

As someone says, I have come to fulfil my dreams in Australia but the fact is that I don’t get enough time to sleep and how can I fulfil my dreams?

And that is the reality.

If you miss your train, then your schedule for the day will be out of track. Sometimes I feel like my life is like a train schedule. Just run according to it.

The interesting part is that you can’t realise how fast the time has passed away. Its nearly to 3 months and I wondered what I really did in Sydney.

Just run and run………


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