Life is going on in Australia

“Please uncle, Please dad, send me some amount. I need to pay for college fee within next week. I have been working hard here but could save only around 3000 dollars in this three month. So, please send me some amount even by education loan. I will pay the interest every month. It’s really hard for me. I have to go college five days. So, I am working at night. Please, understand my situation…………”

then, she started crying…….

I could clearly listen to all this scenario since I was returning to my room from work through a train at around 11 pm and she was just in the back seat of the train in her cell phone. It really touched my heart because she was truly sharing her story. The life in Australia is similar to like her in the present context since there

The life in Australia is similar to like her in the present context since there is a large number of the international students coming in Australia and it is being hard to get the job. Students like us have to study, work, save and pay. First, we have to save for college fee after paying for rent, food, travel. Moreover, we have to even send some amount to the parents in Nepal. The parents or the relatives may think that we are earning lots of money here, but in fact, we are losing everything here.

It has been my one month here last week and now, I am used to with the Australian life. I have four days class in University but I only attend two days. Besides, I worked three days in a week as Kitchen hand in Monte Cato Italian Restaurant (5 to 11 pm) from where my living in Australia is being covered. I know if I can’t find next job, then I will surely be in the scenario like the girl. I even worked as a casual Flower seller in Town Hall from where I got some pocket money. Life is like this in Australia. I don’t have fix job. In fact, I have to do any works from physically hard to mentally bored to make some money. Otherwise, you can’t survive here for long.

Parents, friends, relatives from Nepal are being excited and happy by seeing the beautiful images of ours on Facebook, Instagram but in reality, these images are taken just in one or a two-hour visit to such places in a week or in a month. Remaining days, all of us are busy in work like a machine. No one is free here. Everyone is running over earning including me too. It’s even hard to get the free time to have some fun with the room mate. One may be working in a day while another may be working at night. So, while one is at work, another is at sleep and vice versa. The same is the case here with me.

To be continued…..


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