The beginning of Struggle in Australia

TownHall, Australia’s one of the busiest place where it actually feels like I am really in Australia. I was sitting near by the tree where people come and have some rest. Actually, I was one hour earlier to work. So, I thought it is best to take some rest before going for work.

A beautiful Korean girl with a coffee in her right hand and an iPhone on the left came nearby and I couldn’t stop myself staring at her because she was so beautiful……… It looked like she was probably waiting for someone. May be her friend.

Just a few minutes later,

I was right. She was waiting for her friend. Her friend was beautiful too. Why these Korean girls are so beautiful?

Both of them went to the corner. Her friend took out the cigarette and gave a big blow. She passed to her and then………….

Smoking is normal here in Sydney. Men, women no matter who, everyone can smoke. I have even seen so many Nepalese girls freely smoking in the street. Talking about Nepalese boys, there is hardly someone who doesn’t smoke. Well, that is their life and I don’t want to comment about that but it feels uneasy when such beautiful girls smoke…….. This may be due to the fact that I am a non-smoker and I am not fully adjustable to the Australian life style.


It’s been one month here in Sydney and everything is being good day by day. Once again thanks to Dipesh who picked me from Airport. Otherwise, I might don’t know where to go. I stayed 3 days in Dipesh room. Some other Nepalese boys (around 10) are living in the same house and you don’t have to miss Nepal by the way.

Before landing Australia, I used to think that I don’t have to speak Nepali anymore. As I landed in Australia International Airport. I knew that now I don’t have to speak English anymore.

Can you believe it?

I can only hear Nepali words in my ear and I am shocked at the moment. How many Nepalese are there in Australia? Nepali language is just like the local language. Every where in a train, in a city, in University, in a bus, I can hear Nepali. Sometimes I am really confused that is I am really in Australia?

The first thing you have to arrange in Australia is your accommodation. Finding a room was very hard for me because everyone is preferring the couple to share their unit. In addition, most of them prefer girls rather than boys. As the owner of Dipesh is giving some problem for him due to my stay, it was pressure for me to find a room.

Thanks to Pratima and Manoj, who helped me in the need. I shifted to their unit and stayed around one week. Finally, I got a room nearby and I shifted. It was a quick relief. Then, there is another big problem. That is – finding a job.

Finding a job is one of the most difficult tasks right now in Sydney because without good references, you have very low chance to get a job quick. Due to the massive flow of the international student, the job market is very competitive. So, now I am having a problem in finding the job. I informed most of my friends with whom I am in contact to help me get the job if they know about it. I have been searching online and visiting the cities to get a job but still……. No Job.

Caution: Never judge a person situation based on the image they uploaded. The story behind is quite different which you may not have been ever imagined of……..

To be continued…….


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