Destination Australia

It has been two weeks in Australia and I am still searching for Job. Got calls and interviews from some but results are still pending. I am sure everything will be fine and good in the coming days.

6 months ago……

I have always desired to go abroad as I spent more than 25 years in my country Nepal which is still in the list of the least developed country. So, I felt that I need to look out the developed world and so called modern world.

In my two years of work experiences, I got a chance to visit different places of my country from Terai to Hilly. Life is really hard and there are so many families who are still beyond getting the life we have but here we are just calling our life, a hell and wanted to go higher for so called standard life. I realized that we have to know to get happy for the life we have at present.

Thanks to Shreeram who showed me the way and genuinely helped me to get my visa to Australia. Without him, I may not have been here. There are other important people whose name I can’t define at the moment but genuinely, thankful to them for the destination Australia.

Similarly, thank you all of my school friends who gave me one of the best and unbelievable fare well in my life. That was a lot and precious moment. I know some of you guys are unhappy with me and I am really sorry for that.

It will be dishonest if I didn’t mention Gambu uncle here who helped me in need. Gambu uncle you are really sweet and great.

6th July

I have never been to abroad before. So, I was quite excited about my journey to Australia. It was the first time I have ever been inside the international airport of our country. In fact, it was the first time in life to experience the flight journey. I never had even a domestic flight journey before.

Malaysian Airlines was not so bad as quoted by one of my friends. The flight took off at 2:30 to Qualalampur, Malaysia. Around 8, it landed to Qualalampur International airport. Can you believe it? The airport was beyond imagination. I have never imagined an international airport be like that. It is beyond compare to Nepal international airport. I almost got lost in the airport. I thought Nepal has a lot to do…….

It was three and half hours transition to Qualalampur airport. So, around 11, our flight took off to Sydney. From Nepal to Malaysia, it was Boing flight but from Malaysia to Sydney, it was Air Bus.

7th July

The Malaysian Air Bus landed to Sydney airport around 10 in the morning and the journey with Malaysian flight ended from there.

Thank god, he was off-duty, otherwise, it would have been a problem for me. Actually, my friend Deepesh thought that I will land on 8th July but when I message him from the Sydney airport, he was shocked. Within half an hour, he came to receive me and we went to his living address.

Then, my life in Australia really begins………….

To be continued……


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