Success Mantras by Nepal’s first Billionaire, BINOD CHAUDHARY

Finally, Nepal has got its first Billionaire and he is non-other than Mr. Binod Chaudhary. Well, there is hardly someone who have never tasted Wai Wai noodles.

Do you know? Wai Wai is his product.


Wai Wai


Binod Chaudhary is an example to the young entrepreneurs of Nepal how someone from the country that is struggling hard to develop could reach such a milestone in the field of business. He is an inspirational icon. His journey to a billionaire is not a one day or one year journey; it’s more than four decades of a long journey in the field of business.

I have recently read his autobiography, Binod Chaudhary – My story, from the street of Kathmandu to a billion dollar empire and it is worth to read it. It’s Nepali and English versions are available in the market and I choose to read an English version. Well, to get the English version, I have to reach Bhotahiti since I couldn’t get it in any corner of Chabahil and not even in national books or Putalisadak.

In section IV of his book, he has expressed his views regarding the success Mantras. However, he didn’t consider these Mantras as a sure-fire way to success. These are his mantras that worked for him. Moreover, he said.’’ If life could be that simple, there would be no success stories.’’

  1. High Ambition

One should have high ambition and strong will to achieve the dreams s/he wants to create. When your thought and visions are high, your plans and efforts will be guided by that thought. You must have a hunger for success. You must come out from all the negative connotations and negative beliefs you have on ambition.

  1. Building organisation

Forty years back, there was no Chaudhary group. A small office of Arun Emporium was at Khichapokhari with limited employees. You cannot achieve high goals with a single hand. You need an organization with a group of experts. This is the result that Arun Emporium has turned into the Chaudhary group forty years later.

  1. Never give up

Challenges and obstacles are meant to make you one step stronger and harder towards your success. Your game is only over if you only give up. When you failed, change your project but not your goal.

  1. Market astuteness

A person becomes businessperson through market awareness but not on the basis of long theories of books you have read. A book can generate business experts but not a businessman. We need to be aware of the market.

  1. Consider the both side of the coin

One should be optimistic but it doesn’t mean you should neglect the negative side. A person with a vision should look to the both sides because it helps to identify the possible problems so that you can prepare accordingly.

  1. Restlessness ruins negotiation

Restlessness is a key factor that kills your negotiation skill. If you look restless at negotiating table, you will surely loose. It depends on how you talk and present yourself. It should be such that you can create a win-win situation for both the parties.

  1. Nothing succeeds like success

Success follows success. In order to get success in every path of your business, you must create a successful story first. If you try to jump into a new sector before you establish yourself in your previous sector, then you won’t leave your mark in the market.

  1. Cost cutting

Cost cutting is one of the features of a great leader. You need to control your unnecessary expenses and rather used them in a profitable way.

  1. Discipline

Discipline is determined by two things – personal conduct and time management. The way you present yourself among your colleagues shows your personal discipline. You must keep a balance between respect, affection, and fear with your employees. Life is not all about business. You have family, friends, and society. It’s all about how you manage your time effectively.

  1. Keep yourself updated

If you want to expand your horizon, then you must keep yourself updated about what is going all around you. You must step in the outside world and make your share limitless. Learn from everyone, anything, everywhere and every time.


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