Marriage – A DEAL

Finally, the groom’s side agreed to proceed the marriage ceremony. They just did some mathematical calculation, noted them on a paper and gave to the bride’s father. The bride’s Father said just one word,” OK”. The groom and his relatives were happy. Then, the marriage ceremony got some excitement as if suddenly there was a miracle.

One month later,

There was the sudden demise of bride’s father. Whole the family members were at grief. The daughter found a note in her father briefcase. It was the same note her father in law gave to her father about which she had never known. The note was about the deal.

Yes, it was just like an agreement paper where there was the list of the requirement from the groom’s side. The list was like this:

  • A Bajaj Pulsar bike
  • Five lakh cash
  • Two sets of necklace to groom’s mother and sister
  • Two sets of Gold ring to groom and his father
  • A complete set of dowry


This is a very common scenario in our Terai region.

A marriage has become a deal. A son has become a joy while the daughter has become a curse. 

While I was in undergraduate level, one of my friend was from Terai region. I still remember what he said about the tradition of marriage they have.

They have a tradition where a groom side’s demand to the bride side in order to get married. The demand depends upon education level of a groom. If a groom is a doctor or engineer then, there will be high demand and those below will have less demand even if the bride has good education level. 

One of the girls whom I know is getting married soon. She is from terai region. I just heard that her father is paying around Eight lakh cash, a bike, a gold necklace and rings to the groom’s side. And the most interesting things is that her husband (going to be) is a doctor.

I can’t believe that a doctor who has a responsibility to save the life of people is running back of the dowry. A doctor is demanding a certain amount of money to get married. What a shame? Today if he is demanding money for getting married then there is no guarantee that he won’t demand unnecessary money to save a life of people.

What is that one main reason the people of that community are not able to get out of this culture? They know this is a bad culture but still, they are continuing.

Why is that……..???????


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