We are so called educated but are we?

It was back in the year 2014, probably, the first month of the year. I was in Tribhuwan University, Balkhu for my Bachelor Level transcript. Since I heard that there will be more students like me to withdraw their certificates, I should reach before the first hour to be in the first row.

I did as I heard but since it wasn’t only me to hear about that, a mass of students were already in the queue when I reached there. So, I stayed at the queue as the last guy. As soon as time passed away, it wasn’t me but instead, there were already a huge number of students, so called educated in the queue and I was no more the last guy. The service hadn’t resumed yet but almost hundreds of students including me were waiting for the University staffs who would come and resume their daily works. Time had crossed 10 am but we were still wondering when would the work get started.

”These government staffs are like this. They neither care about their work nor time”, one of the guy said.

”This is the reason why our country is not developed”, said another guy.

Most of us agreed with them and one by one, views started rising. Whole the mass were against the government and its services. Nobody was satisfied.

At 10:30 am, the service resumed and everybody in the queue became active so that they could finish their work as fast as possible. I was, maybe in the 50th row……..

Slowly and slowly I was heading to the front door and my rank was decreasing from 50 to 45 to 40……..

At one point, we got stuck in one place for half an hour. Everybody started shouting why the line was not moving.  We were in line waiting for our turn from more than an hour but there were some other guys who arrived late and tried to dismiss the line so that they could finish their work first.

”Everybody standing here are educated. Some are undergraduates while some are graduates. Then, why do they show such animal behavior? Can’t they follow the rule and let the work go smoothly?” , someone sitting on the back of the row gave such a powerful words that really touched my heart.

We were at the University and there were no one below Bachelor level. Everybody were so called educated. But when we looked at their behavior, it was very hard to say were they really educated? 

An hour ago, most of them were criticizing the government and an hour later all of them were breaking the rules.  

We only criticize other but when it comes to our turn, most us don’t do what we need to do. We are only focused on our interest, our goal, our works and our desires no matter what does it affect to other because we are so called educated.

If the so called educated in our country are like this then what will be the so called uneducated who even don’t have taken a step in the school premises?

We are so called educated and we even don’t use the zebra crossing.

We are so called educated and we throw garbages in the road.

We are so called educated and we don’t respect elders.

We are so called educated and we even don’t help needy.

We are so called educated and we are afraid to share our knowledge.

We are so called educated and we …………………………………………..

We are not so called educated. We are selfish.

We are so called educated not by our brain but our certificates.

At the level of mind, we are still so called animal.




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