Two Millionaires

Once upon a time, there were two millionaires. They were only the millionaires of the town with their hard work. They both were a good friend and they were living in a big building near each other.

One day, a massive earthquake hit the town. Both millionaires building were destroyed. Thank god ….. Both of them were fine. It was such a bad day for them.

The next day, the first millionaire could not bear the pain of the destruction and he went in a comma. So, he was admitted to a hospital. But the second one was as usual. He was seen working in his office. Everybody was surprised by him. Just yesterday, his building was destroyed and the next day, he was working in his office. He didn’t seem to have any pain or suffering of the destruction.

One of his workers asked him,” Dear sir, your building was destroyed yesterday but you don’t seem so much worried. May I know the reason?

Then, the millionaire replied with a smile,” It was just a building that got destroyed. I am still alive here and I can create more of this type of building in just a few years. Only the matter is that I have to work a little bit more and I have been doing that for many years. So, why to be worried? Life is not worrying about the past. I don’t want to waste my time worrying them instead I have so many works to be done.”

Did you notice what is the difference between these millionaires? 

The first who got admitted to hospital thought,” I am totally finished. My life is over now. I can not earn that property through out my entire life again. ”

While the second one took it normally. He thought,” It was just a building that got destroyed. I am still alive. I can build this kind of building as many as in the coming years. So, why to worry.”

It doesn’t matter what the situation is but it does matter how you response it. The same situation can make you or break you. It depends upon how you take it.



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