Laxman Karki – from failure to success

Most of the Today’s youth want to earn money in an easy way as soon as possible. They want to invest today and they want profit by tomorrow. Is this really possible?

When you read life stories of most famous and successful entrepreneurs like Steve jobs, Bill gates, Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, you will realize how hard they went through in their life before they finally got success.

So, today’s generation should realize the reality that success doesn’t come in a day or month. It takes years to years to achieve. A success achieved in a month can be ruined in next month. We shouldn’t aim for short-term success, we should think of long-term success.

Laxman karki from Pokhara can be the inspirational story for the upcoming generation in entrepreneurship. Read his inspirational and motivational story about how he failed several times but finally bounced back. It can be the learning lesson for everyone who wants to enhance their entrepreneurship knowledge.

Please click the link below to download the article.,d.dGo


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