Forgive and Forget

Two small boys were playing on a ground. Suddenly, they had a conflict.

One of them picked a stone and hit away to another. The second one got wounded. The wounded boy went crying to complain his mother. His mother got very angry to see his child wounded. So, she started to beat the boy who wounded his son. After a while, his mother came and she was anxious to see her child beaten. So, now, there started a conflict between two mothers. A few minutes later, both of their husbands arrived and they too started a conflict. So, the two families became an enemy to each other.

In actual, both of the families had a good relationship earlier but due to their children, they were now against each other. From then, both families stopped talking, started ignoring and they even hated to see each other. A month passed away but their relationship remained more diverse.

One day, the two families accidently met in a footpath. Both of them tried to ignore each other but moreover, they could not control their anger. So, they started a conflict in the footpath.

This all scenario was seen by their third neighborhood. So, he came by and tried to cool down both the families. He said,” Both of your children became friend the very next day forgetting all the conflict and started playing together but both of you families are still having conflict. You should have learned from your children.”


Yes, this is what actually happening in our life. We never try to analyze the actual situation. We only judge on the basis of what we see and started to act due to which it is us that suffers alot. If we had a conflict with someone, we rather than trying to analyze the situation, we act upon situation and day by day we will be against them, start to ignore them and always think negative about them. This leads to conflict in our mind and we suffer due to our negative thoughts about them. So, in our life, we have to forgive and forget the past to move forward just like the two children. The main cause of conflict in our life is due to the fact that we never forgive and never let the past move away. 


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