A baby and the Life

There was a couple and they had a nine-month baby.

It was a holiday and they were at home. The husband was working on his office project while the wife was busy on TV serial. The baby was on sleep.

Suddenly, the baby woke up and started to cry. The wife carried her baby and tried to cool down but the baby cried continuously.  She fed her milk but still, the baby didn’t stop crying. The husband was shouting at her wife as he couldnot concentrate at her office project due to baby crying. The wife too was frustrated with her baby cry as her favourite TV serial was going to end. The baby was still crying and this lead to the conflict in husband and wife.

Later a moment, a house keeping women arrived. She saw her owner were in conflict and the baby was lying on bed crying. She went near bed and carried baby. She saw baby was trying to point something. Near a bed there was a bottle of water. She took the bottle and let the baby to drink water. Then, the baby stopped crying and so was the conflict between husband and wife. The husband and wife couldn’t find out that the baby was thirsty.

Our life is also just like it. When a problem comes to our life, we don’t try to find out the causes and solution rather we blame others for the problem. We only see the problem but never try to face it. We rather try to skip it. Problems are not for skipping. Its for facing so that you can be more stronger with every problem you solved.


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