Old Hilary, New Hilary

Sometimes it is better to remember our past, especially those memories that bring a smile to our face.

Nowadays, we keep on growing & growing. We are so much focus only on future that we hardly remember our past. We are working so hard just to get that one smile but we have never realised that when we sit relaxed, our brain automatically starts to collect those beautiful memories and brings a smile to our face. That’s so simple.

Well someone might feel funny what I am saying but I suggest you focus on the bright side of your life because life is all about the collection of memories at the end.

Last Wednesday, I was at my friend’s house, Mr Shreeram Timilsina, (We call him DON), Gauri Nagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu where I spent my two decades. This place has my school life. From the top of his house, I can see my old school that Old Hilary from where my journey with Hilary began and from where the Hilary was established.

That Old Hilary is the same while New Hilary is flourishing day by day and I am really happy about it.

I joined Hilary in Class 2 in the year 2056 BS and I was in the third Batch of the school. I was shifted from government school to a boarding school. So, earlier days were very hard for me to handle.

A school dress with a tie, belt, polished shoes and carrying the bunch of Books & Copies and the English medium class. I think the school still have the same things.

English speaking was really a difficult part and more than that fixing a tie was harder. So, what I used to do was once my tie was fixed, I never unfixed it. Even I washed it as is it whole the year. After four years, when I was in class six, I finally could fix my tie. So, that was not a problem for me from that year.

The figure shown below is the house from where Hilary began. So, I called it Old Hilary. It is still the same as it was that time.


That three storeyed white building, the same Jastas room, the same Guava tree and the small ground.

However, the surrounding has changed drastically. Look at the figure below:


I think those living in Gauri Nagar for a decade can feel the differences and the changes.

Last Saraswati Puja, I visited Hilary, A New Hilary. There was a drastic change. Our New Hilary looks like this:


From that small building to the big one and now getting bigger – An impressing one. 

Here are the some of the old memories of Hilary.

Second and Third Batch of Hilary in Educational Tour with Jamuna Miss
First Batch with Surendra sir
Our Batch picnic (Third Batch)

Well, these were some of the memories and I will surely share rest of them in coming days.

If you are a part of Hilary then, you can share your memories by commenting below. I will love to read that.


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