Last week, I was heading towards Ratnapark. I realized on the way that I had forgotten my MASK and now, I was sure to pay for it. The Next day, I got a headache and I had a problem in breathing. It lasted for three days. From that day on, whenever I have to go outside, the first things that I check is MASK.

I think this is common for all the people living in Kathmandu.

Oh oh !!!! Not Kathmandu. It’s Maskmandu. Well someone even calls it Dustmandu.

Mask has been one of the important parts of our life here in Kathmandu.

It’s like one person one mask program.

According to the, Kathmandu has been ranked the third most polluted city in the world with pollution index 96.66.

Can you believe it?

That day is no more when Kathmandu will soon get a trophy in pollution index with number 1 spot.

Kathmandu environment is worsening day by day. The quality of air is deteriorating so badly that it could lead to serious health problems to the people of Kathmandu.

Let us imagine how much our generation life expectancy will be by living in such polluted environment. It is sure that most of our generation will have a serious health problem in near future.Our health is at risk. There is also the risk that we might have to spend our whole life-savings in our health. So, we will have many burdens of financial in near future if the problem persists.

One of the key problems I found in Kathmandu is that wherever we go, we can see the roads are dug up. Whether it is Chabahil, Kalanki, Satdobato, Baudha or Chakrpath. Why don’t the government plan their works?

Let’s finish all the works of Chabahil first, then, do the works of Kalanki. After finishing Kalanki, let’s plan for Chakrapatrh. I think it is better. It goes one after another.

Monsoon is near. I am worried that this time Kathmandu will be too hard to handle in monsoon. There is saying that

” काठमाडौँमा जहिले दुईओटा कुरा हुन्छ – घाम लाग्यो भने धुलो उड्छ, पानी पर्यो भने हिलो हुन्छ

To make the government realise about this, from Now, I am changing my facebook profile picture with a mask wearing image.

Let us all change our facebook profile picture with one wearing mask to make the government alert about it.

Let us all support the campaign MASKMANDU.


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