The biggest problems of our life!!!!!!

Do you know what are the biggest problems of our life?








or anything else?

Well, it depends upon person to person.

I do use to think the list above were the biggest problems of my life ever since I realised the real biggest problem of our life is something else.

So, what is it?

It is ”complaining.

Yes, the habit of complaining is the biggest problem in our life.

No Money, complaining.

No power, complaining.

No Health, complaining.

No Beauty, again complaining.

No jobs, Again complaining.

Everywhere we just complain.

And what’s another problem you know?

We only complain to other.

If the situation is not what we desired, then we start to complain others. We are even complaining to god for miseries that are happening to our life.

We never realise that all the things happening in our life are the consequences of our own works, habits and all the decisions we have made. So, it’s our responsibility to make it better. But most of us are trying to escape by blaming others. We lack the courage to take the responsibilities of the results we are facing.


Just view this picture and decide in which stage are you in?


I forgot from where I got this picture but this one has really helped me out to understand the meaning of life.

The world you see is not like what you see, it’s like what you think.

If you think the world is full of pains and miseries, then you will suffer in each step of your life.

If you think the world is full of love and happiness, then your life will be beautiful in every step of your life.

If you react negatively to your problems, then you will get negative results. If you react positively to your problems, then you will solve your problem.

Another biggest problem of our life is we listen less and talk more.

We only hear but don’t listen. We want to speak but we never want to listen. We only expect others listen to us. But most of us don’t know that we learn more by listening than speaking.

To hear and To Listen is a different thing.

You can hear a friend while at the same time you can chat with your another friend in facebook but you can’t listen to him. To listen means just listen to him deeply and understand what he is saying. Listening helps us to deeply analyse the situation. Then, we can easily find out the solution of the problem. Most of the people are not able to get out of the problem because of the fact that they are not listening to their problem. They are only speaking of their problem. So, how can one get out of that problem?

We all are given the five sense (some are exceptional). We all are given the same time period in a day and we all are in the same world. It is not the god or luck that makes our life but it’s our value of works we do in every second of our day that decides our life.

Life is not all about birth and death. It’s all about the works you have done in between birth and death. At last, you will only remember the days, moments and the works you have done in your life but not the money, position and the power you have gained.

Forget the past, live the present and never worry about the future.


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