Change the way you think

Some of the videos are so inspiring that it really touches deep inside your heart. It makes you realize the truth and changes your concept. It changes the way you think.

Our Life is what we think. All the circumstances around us are the result of our thoughts. So, it is very important that we need to think positive.

Here are some of the videos which will surely change your concept. It has positive messages and I can’t stop share them with you. I hope after you watch them, you will too share them. Let’s spread this positive and inspiring messages to all.

  1. Why are they black?

When a girl of white women saw a girl of the black women, She was curious. So, she asked her mother, ”Why are they black?” And the answer will amaze you.


2. The empowerment of men

Generally, the world is dominant by the men power and the women are considered the secondary one. This is only our thought. But in reality, both of them are equal. Watch this video and you will realize the true meaning.


3. One question and 50 people

There are so many questions that when asked nobody has the exact answers. This question was one of them. 50 people of different age groups were gathered and they were asked one question,

If you could be any age, what age would you be?


4. Beauty is a choice

This video is one of my favorite videos. There are two paths: Average and Beautiful. You have to choose your path. Which one will you choose?


5. Love in the eyes of child

Have you ever asked your children who are under 10: What is love?

What are their responses?

Well, a group of children were asked about their views regarding love. See the video what they answered?


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